Stormin’ the Castle album


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Since the release of our last recording in 2005, In America, MCV has been on a tremendous journey that has literally taken us around the globe. From the Firth of Forth to the Bay of Fundy, from Sydney Harbour to Boston Harbor, MCV is proud and honored to share this music with friends around the world.


Stormin’ the Castle liner notes – free download


1. Marshall Lowendahl’s March/Drum solo/Dinky’s Reel/Setting a Course for Lewis/Itchy Fingers/Yankee Doodle/Barret’s Privateers
2.Seaweed Reel/The Green Apple Quickstep/Loch Leven Castle/The Hawk
3. Mulqueeny’s Hornpipe/ Independence Hornpipe
4. 1st Co. New March/3rd Co. Quick March
5. Dr Luuser
6. Spagnolette
7.  Come Give Me Your Hand/ Fanny Power
8. Bloody Creek/Vinton’s Quickstep
9. Cigarette & VO
10. March le Regiment de Zurlauben
11.  Pavanne/Bransle Double I/ Bransle Double II/ Bransle Double III/Courante LXII/Bransle Double de Poictou II
12.   Drum Intro/White Cockade/The Hawk/Drum Solo/Bonnie Prince Charlie/Speed the Plough/ Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shores/Clumsy Lover/Yankee Doodle/Girl I Left Behind Me
13.  Rorate
14.  Suo Gan/Within A Mile of Edinburgh/Juniper Hill/Brenda Stubbert’s Reel
15.  General Wolfe
16.  Stony Point/Welsh March/A Hessian Air

Track Samples

Green Apple Quickstep (excerpt from Track 2). Composed by J. Law & W. Phenix
Mulqueeny’s Hornpipe (excerpt from Track 3). Traditional, arranged J. Ciaglia
3rd Company Quick March (excerpt from Track 4). Arranged J. Ciaglia, from the collection “The Martial Music of Camp Dupont: (origin unknown).


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