The Banks of Allan Water digital album




During our stay in the spa town of Bridge-of-Allan on our 1992 performance tour of Scotland, the concepts leading to this recording began to take shape. As we sorted through books of traditional Scots tunes, we found in these sources tunes we knew from our collective fife and drum experience alongside hundreds we had never heard. Since those familiar tunes had long ago been adapted in the folk tradition to the fifes and drums of 18th century New England militia, we felt that a leap of faith would allow us to adapt tunes from these same pages, books, and composers to our fife and drum ensemble today.

Please note that the Banks of Allan Water CD is out of print and is only available as a digital download.



  1. Schwoglmarsch
  2. The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside
    Miss Susan Cooper
    Victoria Hornpipe
  3. The Barber’s Pole
    The Old Church Hornpipe
    The Locomotive
    The Navvie on the Line
  4. She Rose and Let Me In
  5. Guzzle Together
    The Haggies o’ Dunbar
    Allan Ramsay
    Lick the Ladle Sandy
    The Farr’awa Wedding
    Cuttymun & Treeladle
  6. Catherine Ogie
    An Cuillin
    Bonny Jane
  1. Speed the Plough
    The Wind the Shakes the Barley
    Roxburgh Castle
    Fairy Dance
    Jimmy’s Return
    The Reconciliation
    Miss Robertson’s Reel
    The Hawk
  2. Red House
    The Warrior’s Grave
    Second Tamborin
  3. Lass of Patie’s Mill
    Lord Huntley’s Cave
    Miss Gayton
  4. The Dream Valley of Glendaruel
    Farewell to Nigg
    The Banks of Allan Water
  5. Tyndrum
  6. Cape Cod Girls
    Oyster River Hornpipe
    Hull’s Victory