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Contains MCV concert favorites previously unavailable on disc. Recorded in London, UK during MCV’s summer 1999 performance tour of England, Wales and Ireland for Bandleader Recordings (BNA 5158)

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  1. German 69:  Nightpiece No. 18, Tatto No. 21, March No. 30
  2. Village Dance
  3. Major’s Maggot, Basket of Oysters, Polonese Dance
  4. Yankee Doodle
  5. Reveille: The Austrian
  6. Assembly:  The Red Joke, The White Joke March, Green Joke
  7. Fairy Queen
  8. March Royale de France
  9. German No 68:  March No. 8, Nightpiece No. 35, March No. 25
  10. Guardian Angels, York Fusiliers
  11. Dead March
  1. Fair Sally, Lovely Nancy,
  2. Bonny Kate of Winsor

Guilderoy, Trip to Ranelagh, The Honey Moon, A Quickstep

  1. Vive le Regiment Saintonge! : March du Regiment Saintonge, La Pousette Cotillion, Les Vignobles a Martin Cotillion
  2. Martini’s Minuet
  3. Fygar Rub Her O’er With Straw
  4. God Save the Queen
  5. Star Spangled Banner
  6. Lochaber Na More
  7. Generale Wolfe
  8. Yankee Doodle, Hull’s Victory

Track Samples
German No. 69MP3 (440 KB)NightPiece No. 18
Tattoo No. 21
March No. 30
The improvement in all things military advanced by King Frederick of Prussia informed every department of European Armies, but Prussian military music remains a wonder unto itself. Rarely heard in North America, here is a set from a book of Tattoos, Nightpieces and Marches as performed in the Hessian and Prussian Armies, published by Oswald in 1758.Fife Arrangement: S. MacConduibh
Drums Score: James Martin Clark

Fairy QueenMP3 (416 KB)A trio of fifers plays one of the best loved melodies of Irish Harpist T. O’Carolan (1770 – 1838)

Fife Arrangement: J. CiagliaVive

Le Regiment Saintonge!MP3 (412 KB)

March du Regiment Saintonge
La Pousette Cotillion
Les Vignobles a Martin Cotillion

‘March du Regiment Saintonge’ and ‘Les Vignobles a Martin Cotillion’ are both traditional melodies and ‘La Pousette Cotillion’ is drawn from Country Dances of Colonial America by John Fitzhugh Millar, original source Trois Riveres Manuscript, ca. 1765, Quebec

Fife Arrangement: S. MacConduibh/L. Urbancic
Drum Score: James Martin Clark

Fair Sally RetreatMP3 (370 KB)Fair Sally
Lovely Nancy
Bonnie Kate of Windsor

‘Fair Sally’ and ‘Bonnie Kate of Windsor’ both come from Whittier Perkins Book, 1790, and ‘Lovely Nancy’ from a variety of sources including Gibbs, Nixon and Greenwood.

Fife Arrangement: S. MacConduibh
Drum Score: J. MacConduibh

© 1999 Bandleader Recordings