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MCV’s debut recording!


Recorded in 1992 but still a favorite!

Available in CD and digital download formats.


  1. Lord Cornwallis’ March
  2. Ah! Ca Ira / British Grenadiers
    Yankee Doodle
    The Road to Boston
  3. The 2nd of April
    Love in a Village
    Love Forever
  4. Chester
  5. West Point
    Pretty Dick’s Hornpipe
  6. The Black Dance
    Portsmouth Hornpipe
    English Dance
    Mrs. Poer’s
    My First Jig
    Governor’s Island Quickstep
  7. O’Carolan’s Lament
    Colin’s Cattle
    Soldier’s Return
  1. Brian Boru’s March
    The Devil in the Kitchen
    Drowsie Maggie
    Costla Bay
  2. Stony Point
    Welsh March
    A Hessian Air
  3. La Paix
  4. Les Drapeaux
    Washington’s Reel
    La Nouvelle Angloise
    25th Regiment Quickstep
    The Gimcrack
  5. Red Coat Fifer
    Pennsylvania Volunteers
    Belles of Newport
    Light Horse March
  6. Old French March
    Staten Island Hornpipe
    Portland Fair
  7. Balquihidder Lasses
    Hey, Johnny Cope! Are You Awauken Yet?
    The Black Bear

Track Samples
RETREAT MEDLEYWAV (320K)O’Carolan’s Lament
Colin’s Cattle
Soldier’s Return

Retreat was the final duty ceremony of the camp musicians’ day. All men were to be in tents, the camp secured for the night and guards posted after “Retreat” was beaten. Retreat tunes were often of a reflective mood. Here are two Gaelic laments and a march with a melancholy air that is well matched with the preceding tunes.
Fife arrangements by John Benoit and John Ciaglia
Drum scores by John C. Moon and Jim MacConduibh

MEDLEYWAV (355K)Stony Point
Welsh March
A Hessian Air

The fort at Stony Point, New York was the scene of a daring victory in 1779 by American General Anthony Wayne. The disarmingly lyrical 3/4 time air may be the most beautiful piece we have ever come across. The composers’ original harmonies are used in the last two pieces.
Drum score by Scott Mitchell


La Paix, the siciliano movement from G. F. Handel’s “Music for the Royal Fireworks,” celebrates the peace of Aix la Chappelle in 1748 which ended the war of the Austrian Succession. MCV first performed this arrangement at Colonial Williamsburg’s “Grand Illumination” in December 1991.
Fife arrangement by Jane Law Baker

MEDLEYWAV (465K)Les Drapeaux
Washington’s Reel
La Nouvelle Angloise
25th Regiment Quickstep
The Gimcrack

These selections form an extensive medley of dances and marches from the three great antagonists of the American Revolution. Les Drapeaux is the French “Parade and Review” march played as Rochambeau’s troops departed Greenwich, Connecticut on the way to Yorktown in 1781.
Fife arrangement by W.E. White
Drum scores by Scott Mitchell and John C. Moon

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