MCV “40 for 40” fife music collection


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MCV is pleased to release our “40 for 40” fife music collection:  a carefully selected cross sampling of the fife music that has defined MCV these past 40 years.

Our hope is this book will capture the love of MCV through its music as it did for us years ago and inspire the next generation of fifers and drummers to continue to play and make new tunes, medleys, arrangements, etc. for years to come.

Due to a short press run, orders are limited to one book per mailing address.

Table of Contents

1. Biddy Oats
2. Successful Campaign
3. Lovely Nancy
4. Schwöglemarsch
5. Stony Point
6. Sea Medley
7. James Hill Medley


8. Page 26
9. Retreat Medley
10. Majors Maggot
11. Guardian Angels Medley
12. Spumoni
13. Giles Gibbs
14. Village Dance
15. Tattoo
16. German 69
17. William Wallace Crossing the Rhine
18. Vive le Régiment Saintonge
19. The Fairy Queen


20. Belli Hollyday
21. La Cythere
22. 15th Massachusetts Quickstep
23. Sweetness of Mary
24. z’Basel am mym Rhy
25. The Red House
26. Reeling in the Seaweed
27. The Old Tappit Hen
28. Rakes, Lords, and Idiots
29. Wettsteinmarsch
30. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
31. Beacon Street
32. Three for the Road
33. Marshall Lowendahl’s March
34. Running Down the Outer Banks

35. A Fox in the Yard
36. The Black Cat
37. Lacey and the Three


38. Four of Forty
39. Drums and Guns


40. Boston Urban Ceilidh