Thoughts on our Tattoo Experience

MCV March off the Tattoo fieldMCV departed Sydney on February 12th (and returned the same day, at least to San Francisco) and the group that was brought together for this event have scattered back to their home states (and countries), many not to see each other for some time to come.  Yet, despite many obstacles (including an unexpected Cyclone) the members of MCV achieved the ultimate goal of performing in the grand event known as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Australia.    We made many new friends along the way and hope to see them again in the future.  Sydney is a grand city and Australia a country bursting with unique architecture, seascapes, landscapes and flora and fauna.  A final thank you to the citizens of Sydney who welcomed the Tattoo cast into their midst for the duration of the show, and showed us every kindness.  No worries indeed.

Stay tuned to this space for additional photos and a video of our Tattoo performance, coming in the next few days.

EMT Finale - the Cast of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Australia

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