Reflections on the Halifax Tattoo

Drum Solo during MCV's Show Our latest "Tattoo Experience" is now over and the majority of our membership is now safely home. MCV was a hit not only with the audience but also the cast of 2,000 that were quartered backstage at the Metro Centre.  We now have new friends from Sweden, Belgium, Wales, Denmark, Germany, France, Canada and Estonia. The photo to the right shows the spotlight on our drummers during their roof raising drum solo.

Fortunately this is an Indoor Tattoo as Halifax was plagued with wet and cool weather for nearly the entire run of the Show. However the Haligonians (residents of Halifax) always were cheerful and were quite pleased to see the USA represented once again in their annual event.

RNSIT finaleEach night's Tattoo proceeded with nary a hitch and concluded with the dramatic Finale, when the entire cast was assembled in the arena one last time. 

   All in all this was another successful Tattoo experience for MCV; stay tuned for details for our next big adventure on the International stage. 

—George March, MCV Fifer/Webmaster

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