On the Road to Malmö: The Journey Begins

MCV's next journey will take us On the Road to…Malmö, Sweden.  We will appear in the Sweden International Tattoo in May 2011. This Blog will chronicle our preparations for the trip and also provide regular updates while in Malmö. 

Our Show music has already been selected and rehearsed; drill rehearsal begins in earnest on 16th January. Our Headquarters staff will be flying over to Malmö for a Tattoo Production Meeting just after New Year's Day. This meeting is meant to bring together representatives from the entire Tattoo cast and the Tattoo Production team to work out the actual flow of the show as well as basic event logistics.  Look for our next posting in mid January as we shift into high gear for our next International adventure.


In the meantime, please visit the Sweden International Tatto's website for further info and a list of performers. We do hope that some of our European based friends can attend the Tattoo!

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