The corps and the rest of the performers for the Tattoo headed off by bus to Glasgow this morning (picking up a police escort on the way for our 10+ bus caravan – as Sarah said, "Now this is what we’re used to!") for a short parade followed by each unit putting on about a 10 minute performance for the Lord Mayor.  It was a very chilly, slightly rainy day for the event, but it seemed to go smoothly.  Everyone appeared to be well received by the small crowds and nobody got rocks thrown at them or anything!  So, all in all, a good day!  We arrived back in Edinburgh at about 2:30 where we promptly changed back into our street clothes for the few hours before heading on the bus again to go up to the Castle for this evening’s performance.

Last night it was so cold up at the Castle for our performance that it was difficult to cover the holes on my fife to play the fife solo, so all that came out for the bass part during the fife quartet at the end were a few quiet whimpers. I’m hoping it will be better tonight!  Jane

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  1. Chris Melhuish

    Looks like you guys are having a blast. Send some of that cold weather to Virginia .. we are enduring heat index of 108 F. 🙁

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