Last Night of the Tattoo Has Arrived!

Is it possible that the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Australia is nearly over? The Saturday night show was full of drama – would the remnants of a tropical cyclone drown out the the cast and audience or would it clear? All on the night of a live simulcast of the Tattoo! Fortunately the torrential rains stopped around 8:30 pm and by the time MCV hit the field it was just a bit of mist in the air. The Sydney Football Stadium was filled to capacity (28,000) and our show was well received. Stay tuned for videos of our performance coming soon!  

Tonight marks the official end of the Tattoo; however MCV will have one more public event Monday evening at the U.S. Consulate; a review of that performance will be posted later this week.


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  1. Deana

    My children and I so enjoyed your performance last night in Sydney. Your fife tune, with the lights turned down, was one of the hightlights for me.
    Congratulations on your wonderful achievements.
    We hope you have enjoyed your time in Sydney, and we will hunt you down if we are ever in the States.

  2. David Panther

    I attended the Tattoo with my extended family on Saturday. All my thoughts regarding the lousy weather disappeared as the show commenced and turned to absolute joy as the Middlesex volunteers entered the stadium.
    You looked sensational and sounded even better!!! Thankyou for bringing your stirring presentation to Australia.
    We’ll be in your area next year and you can bet we’ll keep an eye on your site in the hope of catching another performance.
    Thankyou and continued success.

  3. John Gracie

    Gday from an Aussie military music tragic. I attended the tattoo Sat Night and thoroughly enjoyed your performance,> Hope that you get to enjoy your visit and if Im ever in the States will make a point of looking you up. Thanks again for a fantastic experience

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