Introducing a Newbie

My name is Tom Vandervort and I'm in my 1st season as a bass drummer with MCV.  I'm very lucky that in the 1st year I joined we happened to have this incredible trip planned.  I honestly didn't know about the trip when I decided to join (that's my story and I'm sticking too it).  For me, I joined because the group combines my passion for music and American history.  I only wish I had done it sooner! I volunteered to write this blog so I could share my experience from a newcomer perspective. 

By day I'm a software product manager "just north" of 40 years old.  One amazing aspect of MCV is the range or careers, jobs, and ages of the members.  We have members from 16 to "greater than" 50.   Some folks are just beginning their careers in music or otherwise, and some like myself are looking to "get back into it".  I think this wide cross section of people is a core strength of MCV.

We just finished Drill Rehearsal weekend #2 in preparation for the Basel Tattoo.  We learned all of the drill and continued to work on the music.  The show is really coming along.  Even at this early stage you can tell that this show is going to be awesome!  

 Tom Vandervort, bass drummer

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