Departure day is upon us – MCV on the road again

Pp2009-casesThe Halifax Camp weekend feels like it was just yesterday even though it was two months ago.  Our final drill rehearsal and "Packing Party" was held on Sunday, 21 June.  The weather may have dampened us but spirits were high on the eve of our next big journey.

MCV HQ has already arrived in Halifax, along with our uniforms and drums.  The rest of our team will be arriving on June 25 in preparation for rehearsals that start early on June 26.  Besides our full-time "local" membership, we have remote members flying or driving in from NYC, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin and California! 

All the hard work in preparing The Show musically as well as drill-wise has paid off; we look forward to now presenting our show as part of the 30th edition of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. In addition to our segment in the show MCV will also be fielding a quartet in the Fanfare segment and the entire ensemble will lead the cast of 2,000 out into the arena for the Grand Finale.

 Next post will be from Halifax; we hope to keep in touch regularly as we move through our rehearsal days into the Tattoo itself.

—George March, Webmaster/Fifer, MCV

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