Closing Night at the Tattoo/ MCV Storms the Consulate

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Salute to Australia closed on Sunday, 7 February. MCV posed for an official group photo in front of the Castle and were then addressed by Major General Euan Louden, EMT Producer. We then prepared for our fourth and final performance of the Tattoo in front of a packed Sydney Football Stadium. We were sad to see the show end so quickly and to say goodbye to our new friends.


Monday, 8 February saw us wig up one last time Down Under for a reception and concert at the U.S. Consulate; the Consular General welcomed us and the invited guests enjoyed our concert presented on the tennis courts of the Consulate.


Due to Internet connectivity issues we will be unable to post video of our performance until we return to the States; stay tuned for that link next week!


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