A Humbling Experience

After the first full day of rehearsals yesterday, I am, and I’m sure many of my fellow MCVers are as well, completely humbled to be here in Halifax. I am humbled to be able to play and march with some very skilled musicians who put in countless hours to achieve perfection.

I am humbled by all the other groups that are also actively working to achieve perfection. The talent and determination that the cast has is remarkable.

I am humbled by the arena. Having never been able to play in a location as big as the ScotiaBank Centre, I am so excited to be able to play for an audience as large as the Tattoo’s.

I am humbled by this opportunity. Not very many people get to spend 2 weeks with 52 of their closest friends playing for 60,000 people. We are lucky enough to have that opportunity.

Above all, I am humbled to be able to represent the United States. Blogs from other tours have noted the ambassadorship that comes with performing abroad. We are not only representing our country, but its history, Boston’s relationship with Halifax, and the whole fife and drum community.

I look forward to seeing more of the other hard working performance  groups over the next couple rehearsal days as we ramp up to opening night on June 30th.

-Nick Johnson, snare drummer

Countdown to RNSIT

Hello everyone!

I am Nick Johnson, one of the bloggers for the 2015 tour to Halifax. I joined MCV in January 2014, after six years in a local junior fife and drum corps. This will be my third time traveling with the corps. Previously, I tagged along with my mother, a member of the support staff, on the 2009 trip to Nova Scotia, and went on a small group tour to Puerto Rico this past December. I look forward to the thrill of my first show as part of the Tattoo cast, as well as meeting all the other performers from around the world.


As of this post, we are two weeks out from our arrival in Nova Scotia. We have been working on the show music for about six months, and the drill for about two; though, our section leaders have been working for far longer to ensure MCV presents a show that meets our high standards. Dozens of rehearsals, and countless music revisions later, we are antsy to perform for an international audience. We have two parades this weekend, Warwick, Rhode Island and Charlestown, Massachusetts, where we will present our show music for a local audience for the final time before the corps hits the road.


Nick Johnson, drummer