Attention to Detail

I'm soooo excited about being given the honor of representing the United States at the first Sweden International Tattoo in Malmö.  We've worked for months and months crafting the show and the performances.  Now is time to let all of that hard work pay off.  It's always intimidating because most of the other bands on the show are professional military bands.  Here we are, the Yanks, only doing this part-time, struggling to balance a 40-hour work week, plus our own studios and hobbies, and let's not forget our families and loved ones, trying to make it look as though we live and breathe this music every moment.  When you're talking about peers, these groups are the some of the best in the world.  So, to be a fife and drum corps, which is already pretty obscure, to be the sole US representation at the event is pretty extraordinary.  But hey, that's why we're all here.  We love to play music.  I'm really excited to meet some new drummer friends from Scandinavia.  Can't wait to put the show all out there for the world to see!



-Andrea Wirth, snare drummer

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