A New Year Dawns with a New Tattoo Drill


Rothaus, Malmo, Sweden

The start of 2011 was a busy time for MCV.  Sweden International Tattoo held a Production Meeting in Malmo on 3 & 4 January that was attended by the directors of each musical group that were invited; our Headquarters Staff represented MCV in snowy Malmö.  On 16 January we assembled the MCV Malmö team at Marlboro High School field house and walked through the Drill for our Show; it will be spectacular come the Spring!


Malmo Center 

 The final Malmö team has been chosen and the rest of the Winter will be spent fine-tuning the musical selections; our next Drill rehearsal will be 16 & 17 April.  We hope to have some nice photos of the drill after that session!  Stay tuned for further Blog entries as we gear up for Sweden!


George March, MCV Webmaster/Fifer

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