T minus 6 days

Dear Everyone,

My name is Toria and I am a tattoo virgin. I have no ink on my body… oh wait… I mean I’ve never performed in a tattoo before. RNSIT will be my first time marching in an event of this size, and for so many shows! This will also be my first time in Halifax and my first time out of the country with this fabulous group. Oh goodness, wish me luck.

Freshman year, I played tenor sax in the Boston College Screaming Eagles Marching Band. If you’ve ever been to a marching band’s “band camp” you know that this ain’t no swimming pool summer camp. We had a few MCV camps to prepare for our trip. MCV Camp is just like BC Band Camp, except it’s only for two days at a time, there are snacks (thank you support team), and my instrument is way easier to carry than a tenor saxophone. This instrument can fit through my belt loops. Phew. I love playing the fife.

In the morning, we have music rehearsals inside, then break for lunch, then marching rehearsals outside. We’re marching on the top floor of a parking garage, enjoying spring breezes, swatting at the occasional bug, roasting in the sun, and shivering when clouds float by. After living in the city for most of every week, it’s nice to enjoy the great outdoors of Bedford, but you do want to make sure you remember to wear sunscreen.

We take off for Halifax in a week. In that one week, there’s a lot of stuff I have to do. This Friday will be my last day at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Friday night, I move out of my 4th apartment in Boston. (My dad isn’t too happy about helping me move all my stuff down five flights of stairs after only 2 months.) Saturday I spend time with my friends and family back home in Connecticut, and pack. Pack, pack, pack. Sunday, we have one more rehearsal before we leave the next day! This is coming so fast.


In anticipation of the trip, here’s a few of the things I’m looking forward to:

  • playing music
  • playing music in a giant arena
  • looking badass
  • getting just enough sleep to function the next day
  • meeting friends from the other groups and around the world
  • not getting sick
  • eating beaver tails
  • eating seafood
  • eating
  • exploring Halifax and taking cool photos


Now let’s see how this goes. I’ll keep you updated on my goals with my future blog posts during the trip! T minus 6 days. I can’t wait.

– Toria Sky, cool kid, fifer, and food enthusiast

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